Revoke permissions

Introducing an effortless way to revoke permissions! With our latest update, you can effortlessly revoke user permissions following an audit. Simply select the specific lines, in your inspection sheet, of the user you no longer wish to grant permissions to, and they will be revoked instantly.

0. Inspect your folder

To initiate the process, start by creating an inspection sheet. This sheet will serve as your control center for revoking permissions. For detailed instructions on how to inspect a folder, click here. Do not forget to check the "List file permissions".

1. Check your permissions

To begin making changes, open the inspection sheet of your choice. Once it's open, navigate to the "Permission Recap" tab. Within this tab, you'll find a comprehensive overview of who currently has access to specific resources. From here, you have the option to easily revoke access as needed.

2. Select the users