Audit any Google Drive folder (including permissions)

 Select any Google Drive folder or an entire Shared Drive, and generate a full report in Google Sheets, listing all content and all permissions.

Create a report from Google Drive

1. Once installed, click on the Folgo icon in your Google Drive side panel:

 2. In the welcome page, select the feature Inspect folder:

  3. Select the root folder of the structure and click on Validate:

Careful! You can only select folder you own!

 By default, the files permissions aren't listed in the generated list 

⬅️ because this process can take some time. If you need this information, just check List files permissions !

  4. You can now click on Inspect, and Folgo will deep dive into your folder 🔎

You can click on the Refresh button to follow the process! When the inspection is over, you can access your report from Folgo sidebar.

The report will contain an inspection dashboard, a detailed list and a tree view. Two additional tabs will be available if you checked the box mentionned above : a permission recap and an access lookup.

At the end of the inspection, you will receive an email with a quick recap of the scan and a link to the report.

If your permission model doesn't match the Shared Drive constraints, Folgo will alert you in this email. It's very useful when you plan to move the inspected folder to a Shared Drive (learn more about the benefits of doing an Inspection before a Move to Shared Drive here)

How to best use the report

As mentioned earlier, there are 3 to 5 tabs in the Google Sheet Folgo produces during an Inspection :

The last two are only available if you check the box "list files permissions".

Let's take a look at each one of these sheets.

Inspection Dashboard

In this tab, Folgo created several diagrams to represent the data in your folder :

Listing Detail

This tab provides you lots of information about the files and folders : ID, path, owner info,  rights and permissions (if you checked the box),  creation date, size, updates info...

Tree View

This tab allows you to see exactly how is organised your inspected folder with all its subfolders and the number of items each one contains. 

Permission Recap

In this tab, every user having an access to your folder or its subcontent is listed. The rows allows you to know, for each level of access, how many files are concerned.

Access Lookup

Finally, in this last tab, you can select in a dropdown list one of the users mentionned above, and you will have access to the detailed list of the files and folder they have access to, alongside their access level.