Bulk actions in Google Drive™. 

Copy, transfer, inspect, rename folders (with subfolders & files).
Ease the move to Shared Drives™. 

Folgo, a Recommended for Google Workspace app

This label from Google identifies apps that are secure, reliable, well-integrated with Google Workspace, and loved by users.

Take Control of Your Google Drive with Folgo 

Within Google Drive, Folgo brings new capabilities to manage folders : list & copy all files, audit sharing settings, reassign ownership, ... Moving content to Shared Drive also becomes much easier with unique abilities to get consent from all file owners. 

Use cases 

Project Management 

Move folders to Shared Drive

Folgo simplifies project collaboration by centralizing file storage and ensuring team members have access to the latest document versions, streamlining workflows and fostering successful project execution. 


Transfer ownership 

With a user-friendly interface, Folgo simplifies the secure transfer of files and content when employees leave the organization, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.


Audit permissions

Folgo generates detailed reports to easily track and control access to folders, enhancing data security by allowing only authorized personnel to view, edit, or share valuable information.


We have more than 10 years of history on Google Drive. Thanks to Folgo, our content managers can quickly scan any given folder, clean up unwanted permissions and move the relevant content into the right Shared Drives.

John Stanley

Perfect app to scan a folder, gives a lot of info and stats. Very useful to control permissions! Thanks! 

Manon Garceau

This app saved me a TON of work tonight as I tried to figure out how to migrate several hundred files from a personal Google account to a new workplace account. 

Matthew Pfluger

I think the best part about Folgo is that it is not moving your data through some shady third-party service, no one sees your data. This done entirely by a Google App script running on in own account. 


Finally an app that flawlessly allows my team to copy a template folder and all the files inside to another folder of my choice! Makes settings up new students so much easier! Thanks for all your hard work in this! 

Jamie Johnson

Why choose Folgo?

Folgo is the only tool that enables you to perform operations directly within Google Drive, providing a seamless experience and support for folders of any size. 

Security and privacy 

Folgo is built on secure Apps Script technologies, ensuring your data remains safe and protected. We never transfer, sell, or store the contents of your files.