Discover all Folgo's features at a glance

Easily handle hierarchical directories, share access and file properties, all with the same tool

Recreating directory structures can be a time consuming and error-prone task, especially if you use a right-click method to create multiple structures and folders.

With Folgo, you can duplicate your entire structure simply by selecting the root folder. Choose to include the files inside, or copy the folder hierarchy only.

Use Folgo to transfer ownership of a Google Drive folder, with all its sub-folders and contents all at once! Google Drive only allows you to transfer ownership of folders and files one by one. With Folgo, you can assign the ownership of the nested folders/documents in one click.

Create a detailed Sheets report of a folder partition, and list metadata of your field such as titles, ids, urls, types, locations, paths, owners, editors, commenters, viewers, shared outsides, creation dates, last modifying dates, last update dates.

Remane selected files & folders by changing the whole title, replacing a word, or insterting before/after.