Move a folder to Shared Drive with Folgo

Folgo's Move to Shared Drive functionality makes it possible for any regular user that does not have administrator privileges to transfer entire folders and files from My Drive to Shared Drive (learn more about the Move to Shared Drive prerequisites).

Folgo does this by replicating all folders’ permissions* in the Shared Drive, moving the content and providing the user with a number of alternatives for unmovable files (create shortcuts, create copies or request move from existing owners, including external users). It also provides a complete scan or audit of the folder before starting the move, letting the user:

  • See the list of existing owners

  • Examine the number of files they own

  • Decide if a move is possible or not

* Some permissions may not be replicated due to differents permissions model between My Drive and Shared Drive (learn more).

📌 We advise using Folgo’s Inspect & analyze tool on the target folder before doing the actual move or migration. Learn more

💡 When moving a folder containing files owned by multiple people within the organization, make sure that that the option “Allow users to migrate files to Shared Drives” has been activated by your administrator.

Location of Folgo in the Google Drive interface:

How to use our Move to Shared Drive feature:

1. Access the “Move to Shared Drive” interface like shown on the GIF opposite

2. Select the folder you want to move:

      • Navigate and select the folder to be shared within the central pane of the screen.

      • Folgo’s UI (sidebar) will update and display your selected folder.

3. Select a destination Shared Drive:

      • If you want to create a new Shared Drive with the move, you don’t need to do anything else. Go to step 4.

      • Otherwise, click the pen icon to choose the Shared Drive where the move will be performed.

4. Choose your preferred action in the event that a file cannot be transferred (learn more):

      • Create a shortcut

      • Create a copy

      • Request move by owner

5. Leave the box checked if you want to pause before moving so you can review the list of file owners in the report sent by Folgo.

This option allows you to know how many files are owned by external users and therefore, cannot be moved. It is also the right time to make sure the content does not reach any limitation (number of files, 20+ nested folders ...).

Depending on the choice you made at step 4, a shortcut, a copy or a move request will be made.

6. Click the MOVE TO SHARED DRIVE button to start the transfer process.

Here’s a screencast that sums up the whole procedure: