What is Google Drive by Folgo?

What is Google Drive by Folgo? 

Google Drive by Folgo is a Google Data Studio connector, part of Data Studio Community Connectors. A connector is a tool that Google Data Studio uses to access data from a data source (eg: Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Big Query… and now Google Drive - thanks to Folgo!). 

It allows you to connect Data Studio to a folder of your Google Drive, list all the files & folders with their *metadata and display them in a Data studio reports. *Metadata are data that serves to provide context or additional information about other data. For example, information about the title, subject, author, enhancements, and size of the data file of a document constitute metadata about that document.

For each file, Google Drive by Folgo will provide the 28 following metadata:

What can I do with this tool?

Google Drive by Folgo comes with a complete and detailed dashboard, allowing you to inspect your Drive folders. This can be particularly useful to audit a folder: use the interactive view of Data Studio to filter and analyze your content. You can follow this article or watch this quick video tutorial to learn how to create your own dashboard.

You can also list your folder content in a report, and then embed it into your website, to keep a Drive database always updated in your website. For example, you are in a consumer good industry and you want to share in self service your leaflets / product sheets to your clients. Each update in your Drive, let the customers always have access to updated data. Follow this article or watch our quick tutorial to learn how to embed your report.

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