Audit permissions

Introducing a seamless solution for tracking permission changes! Our latest update offers an effortless way to stay informed about any modifications in permissions. With just a few clicks, you can conveniently view permissions by selecting the corresponding line in your inspection sheet.

0. Inspect your folder

To initiate the process, start by creating an inspection sheet. This sheet will serve as your control center to audit permissions. For detailed instructions on how to inspect a folder, click here. Do not forget to check the "List file permissions".

1. Check your permissions

Get started with tracking permissions by accessing the inspection sheet of your preference. Once opened, head over to the "Listing Detail" tab. Here, you'll discover a comprehensive list of files and folders included in your inspection. Look for the column labeled "Permission changes from parent" (column P) to identify any modifications. This column will serve as our reference point to unveil what exactly has changed. 

2. Select the file/folder

Note :

You'll encounter four distinct types of "Permission changes from parent" in Folgo:

3. See every changement

To track every permission change made to your document, follow these steps:

By following these steps, you can easily monitor and review all permission changes made to your document, ensuring better control and understanding of access modifications.