Rename files

Read this article to learn how to rename folders and files in one click!

Prerequisite: Folgo must be installed on your Google account.

You can install Folgo from the Google Marketplace or from your Google Drive by clicking on the "+" button in the side panel.

  1. Once installed, click on the Folgo icon in your Google Drive side panel:

Folgo logo google drive

2. In the welcome page, select the feature Rename files:

3. Select folder(s) or file(s) you want to rename:

4. Use the "Renaming Type" list to choose how you want to rename what you selected:

  • Search & Replace: Search the element in folder(s)/file(s) name(s) and replace it by the element of your choice.

  • Rename full title: Replace the entire title of all selected folders/files by the new name you choosed.

  • Insert before/after title: Insert an element of your choice beore or after the folder/file title.

By default, it will modify the name of folders and files you have selected. If you want to include subfolders and file check Include subfolders/files. If you check Exclude folders it will only rename files. If you check Exclude files, it will only change folders names.

5. You can now click on Rename, and the title of your folders & files will be modified!