Rename folders or files

Renaming a folder or file in Google Drive is easy. The challenge comes when you need to do this to several items and doing them manually one by one is tedious and time-consuming.  

This is where Folgo's Rename files feature comes in. It lets you easily rename bulk items all at once in a snap!  

Steps on renaming folders

1. Initialize the rename feature.

Once Folgo is open > click Rename files.

2. Select the target folder/files.

You will see a prompt saying 👈 Select at least one file to rename.

The 👈pointing finger prompts you to choose the target folders/files within Google Drive (and not in the Folgo sidebar).

ℹ️ Folgo will behave like a file picker at this point.

Once selected, the Folgo UI will update and display your chosen source folder.

💡 Tip: Press CTRL on your keyboard then click the relevant folders/files to select multiple (but non-adjacent) files. 

For multiple adjacent files, press Shift, click the first file, then press the up or down arrow on your keyboard.

3. Choose a Renaming type

Depending on your needs, you can choose:

In our example, we entered the prefix (Insert before) Project and chose the option Insert before/after title.

📌 Note: After typing in the desired words or characters to insert, it's important to step off the current text input field by pressing TAB on your keyboard. This ensures that Folgo is updated with the entry that you made. 

4. Supplementary renaming options

ℹ️ Depending on your needs, you can enable any, all, or none of the renaming options:

Include subfolders & files

Exclude folders

Exclude files

In this example, we’ll leave everything blank. 

5. Activate the renaming process.

Click the RENAME button to initialize the renaming process.

Later on, you will receive an email notifying you that the renaming of your folders/files is completed.

ℹ️ Info: You will receive an email when your renaming job is finished.

💡 Tip: Once the renaming process is started, you can opt to close Folgo, Google Drive, your browser, or your computer.

This is possible (and safe) because Folgo will process everything using Google servers (operating behind the scenes).

📌 Important notes on Sharing settings or File Restrictions

If you have read-access to files or folders, but the file owner restricted their Sharing Settings - preventing you from renaming them, then Folgo won’t be able to rename them either. The accompanying Process report will indicate whether or not Folgo was able to rename each of your folders/files. 

In our example below, a user/member was assigned a Commenter role and he tried to rename a file. Folgo will process the request - but will show in the Process report that the request to rename the file was denied

To remedy this, ask the folder/files owner to change the Sharing Settings (if applicable).
Learn more about this in Google’s article on how to Stop, limit, or change sharing.