How to move a folder from one Shared Drive to another?

Depending on the permissions you have*, you might be able to move individual files between 2 Shared Drives but not entire folders. In such a case, you can use Folgo to move entire folders.

* Learn more about access levels and their permissions.

The two following tables sum up what you can and cannot do with the access levels you have in both Shared Drives.

When moving only files : 

To move files from one Shared Drive to another, you need to have Manager access to the original Shared Drive but you can be either Contributor, Content Manager, or Manager in the target Shared Drive.

When moving  folders :

       : only with Folgo

If you want to move a folder from one Shared Drive to another without Folgo, you must be a Manager on both sides.

However, if you’re using Folgo’s feature Move to Shared Drive you only need to be a Contributor in the target Shared Drive. Nevertheless, you still need to be a Manager in the original Shared Drive

Folgo’s interface is a little bit different than usual when you try to move a folder from a Shared Drive to another Shared Drive: 

Indeed, you don’t have the usual options concerning the unmovable files (learn more here) because there is no possibility of ownership conflicts. All the files and folders are owned by the Share Drive itself and the Manager role gives full control over its content. Since you don’t need to review the permissions before the move, you also cannot pause the process before the move.