How to manage your seats

If you have purchased multiple subscriptions (subscriptions for 2 or more users), you (the primary account holder) can now add members.

  1. Once Folgo is open (in Drive or Sheets), click More actions > Manage subscription.

Depending on your subscription type, you'll be able to see subscription-related data and perform different actions to manage your subscription or license.

2. Once in the Manage subscription menu, you will see all your Team Plan subscriptions (with the most recent listed at the top).

Click the down-arrow button to display your current Team Plan members.

3. Click ADD USERS to start adding members to your Team Plan.

4. You can enter email addresses one by one or as comma-separated-values > click SAVE.

5. Afterward, your newly added members will now be displayed in your Team Plan list.

Note: If you need help adding members to your Team Plan, just email us at