Force retry

📌 Important notes

Before attempting to force a retry, it is important to investigate the cause of the error, as Folgo usually makes multiple attempts before reporting an error. If there were errors during the process, it is likely that there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed before attempting a retry. 

Find the problem

Every action you perform in Folgo generates a Google sheet that records what has occured, that is saved in your drive, in a folder named Folgo. In this spreadsheet, you will find one row per file or folder, with a corresponding status for each row. The "Status" column of the audit indicates which actions have succeeded and which ones have failed. 

For instance, if you encounter an error that says a file is "NOT_COPYABLE", it is because you do not have the appropriate permissions to copy that file. Before attempting a retry, it is crucial to contact the person who created the folder and request the necessary permissions. Otherwise, the retry will likely fail once again. 


While permission issues are the most common cause of errors in Folgo, there may be cases where errors are due to a bug in the process. If you cannot find any clear reason for the errors, it may be appropriate to skip the permission check and proceed directly to retrying the process. 

Steps on forcing retry

1.  To retry a job in Folgo, first, locate the three dots on the top right corner of the page. Click on them, and a panel will appear. Select "See Jobs History" from the list. 

2.  Once you have identified the job you wish to retry, click on it. 

3.  Then, simply click on the "Retry" button.