Copy your folder structure

Read this article to learn how to copy your Google Drive folder structure, including files or not, in just a few clicks!

Prerequisite: Folgo must be installed on your Google account.

You can install Folgo from the Google Marketplace or from your Google Drive by clicking on the "+" button in the side panel.

Basic Usage

  1. Once installed, click on the Folgo icon in your Google Drive side panel:

Folgo icon Drive side panel

2. In the welcome page, select the feature Copy Folder Structure:

Copy Folder Structure  menu

3. Select the root folder of the structure you want to duplicate:

Select the root folder in your Drive

4. Select the destination folder, or copy directly in your Drive by ticking the toggle Copy directly in My Drive:

select destination folder

Note: the target folder must be different than the root folder

Additional Parameters

Use the Additional parameters menu to configure your copy:

Copy Structure Folder - Additional Parameters

(1) Choose to copy your files inside your folders or not

By default, Folgo will copy all the content of the parent folder: sub-folders and documents. You can choose to copy only the folder structure without the files by ticking this toggle.

(2) Create a copy of the root folder

Use the second toggle to create a copy of the root folder, and the text field below to specify its name.

In our example, we copied the Visual Project folder structure,with the root folder, including files, and we stored the clone in a folder named Copy of Visual Project:

Result Drive copy

General information about folders/files copies

Note that Folgo automates what you can manually do a file at a time with Google Drive.

If you have read access to a file but the sharing settings prevent readers to copy the file, Folgo won't be able to make a copy.

Read more about sharing settings in the following article Stop, limit, or change sharing