List files in folder structure

Generate a Google Sheets report about the content of a folder structure, in a new or in an existing file!

Prerequisite: Folgo must be installed on your Google account.

You can install Folgo from the Google Marketplace or from your Google Drive by clicking on the "+" button in the side panel.

From your Drive

  1. Once installed, click on the Folgo icon in your Google Drive side panel:

Folgo icon Drive side panel

2. In the welcome page, select the feature List Files in Folder Structure:

List File in Folder Structure

3. Select the root folder of the structure and click on Validate:

Select root folder

4. Create your report

  • In an existing spreadsheet:

Select the target file, enter an existing or new tab name, and click on Launch Listing:

Report in an existing file
  • In a new spreadsheet:

Enter the new file and tab names and click on Validate:

Report in a new file

Note: your report will be stored in a new Drive folder called FOLGO Reports

You are all set! The report will contain all sub-folders and files within the root folder you selected.

Sheet columns contain metadata of the files like: titles, ids, urls, types, locations, paths, owners, editors, commenters, viewers, shared outsides, creation dates, last modifying dates, last update dates.

Spreadsheet with report

From a Google Sheets

  1. On the side panel of your Sheets, click on Folgo icon:

Sheets with Folgo icon

2. Click on List Files of Folder Structures:

List Files of Folder Structure

3. Click on Select the root folder to open the folder picker, and select the root folder of the structure:

Folder picker

4. Click on Launch listing, and your report will be generated:

Folder structure report