Back-up folder structure

Secure your folder structures with the back-up feature:

If the source folder structure changes, or if a file inside one of the sub-folders is modified, the back-up folder will be automatically updated!

Prerequisite: Folgo must be installed on your Google account.

You can install Folgo from the Google Marketplace or from your Google Drive by clicking on the "+" button in the side panel.

  1. Once installed, click on the Folgo icon in your Google Drive side panel:

Folgo icon Drive side panel

2. In the welcome page, select the feature Back up folder structure:

Back-up folder structure

3. Select the folder to back up:

Select the folder to back-up

4. Select the back up folder:

Select the back-up folder

5. Launch your back-up now, or select a frequency with the drop down menu:

Back-up frequency

You are all set!

Now if the folder to back-up is modified, the other folder will automatically be updated!

New Folder! automatically copied